Gearboxfailure.com is a resource for designers, technicians, operators, and owners of geared machinery. The site provides information on gearbox failure analysis, gear and bearing failure modes, failure mode identification, how to prevent additional failures, and perhaps most importantly, what can be done to prevent failures from occurring in the first place. Contributors to the site include some of the most accomplished gear designers, metallurgists, tribologists, and gear and bearing failure analysts in the industry. We offer support in a variety of ways. You can visit our “Ask an Expert” forum to see previous questions and answers and submit your own questions. You can also find an extensive collection of Resources, available as immediate downloads or shipped directly to you. We also provide Consulting and Onsite Training services, and encourage you to contact us anytime to discuss how we can help.

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Project Case Studies

Below are two case studies of gearbox failure analysis projects that we have performed. Our gearbox failure analysis process typically involves first studying the design of the gearbox, along with its operating conditions, applied loads, maintenance history, and reliability history. Next we conduct a thorough teardown of the failed gearbox, and carefully document the condition of all of the gearbox components. We then generate a list of root cause hypothesis, and conduct the appropriate metallurgical and lubricant testing required to prove or disprove each hypothesis. Once we have reached a root cause conclusion, we document our findings in a failure analysis report.