About Us

Rob Budny

Gearboxfailure.com was created by Rob Budny. Rob is President of RBB Engineering, a consulting firm that provides rotating machinery engineering services. Rob was introduced to gearbox failure analysis during the eight years he spent working for a wind turbine manufacturer. Gearbox reliability has been a significant issue in the wind industry. Much progress has been made in recent years in improving the reliability of wind turbine gearboxes, and one of the goals of this site is to serve as a clearinghouse of information that will help that trend to continue. The lessons learned in wind can be applied to other industries as well.

Bob Errichello

Nearly all of the content on the site was created by Bob Errichello, the dean of gearbox failure analysts with 45 years of industry experience. Bob has owned the successful gear consulting company GEARTECH for 34 years. Bob also presents his renowned Gearbox Failure Analysis course, in collaboration with the AGMA, two times each year. Bob’s course comes highly recommended to anyone interested in the field of gearbox failure analysis. The gear failure seminar manual provided at the course served as the foundation of the content on this site. To learn more about the course, or to register, follow this link to the AGMA training website: Gear Failure Analysis Course. Gear failure analysis materials that Bob has developed over many years can also be obtained from the Resources page on our site. These exclusive products contain information not available from any other sources.

Rainer Eckert

Rainer Eckert has also made significant contributions to the site.  Rainer is Technical Director of Northwest Labs of Seattle, and is acknowledged as the premier forensic metallurgist in the wind turbine industry in the United States.  Rainer has provided forensic analysis to virtually every wind turbine manufacturer and large operator of wind turbines.